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How can we get involved in the community

– Community clean ups once a month
Cherry Street Mission
105 17th St, Toledo, OH 43604 (419) 242-5141
– The Cherry Street Mission helps the homeless or poor by restoring lost hope and giving
people the necessary tools they need to achieve. There are various areas of which
volunteers can help.
Salvation Army
– 620 N Erie St · (419) 241-1138
– The Salvation Army helps by donating goods to the less fortunate and helps with the
numerous numbers of disasters that go on in our country. To look at the numerous ways
you can volunteer, go to their website.
Ready for literacy
– N. Michigan Street (419) 242-7323 325
– This program is where volunteers can sign up at their local libraries and act out some
books, create puppet shows with the kids about different stories, or just read to kids or
Toledo Area Humane Society
– 827 Illinois Ave, Maumee, OH 43537 (419) 891-0705
– Volunteers can go to the Toledo Humane Society and volunteer to pet cats, take dogs for
a walk, play with the animals, or clean up.
Toledo Animal Shelter
– 640 Wyman St · (419) 382-1130
– Volunteers can go to the Toledo Animal Shelter and volunteer to pet cats, take dogs for a
walk, play with the animals, or clean up.
Toledo Museum of Art
– 2445 Monroe St, (419) 255-8000
– TMA is a great way to get some volunteer service hours in. You can take people on tours
of the museum, clean up, or even help with office management. Apply online
Food for Thought
– 316 Adams St, Toledo, OH 43604 (419) 972-0022
– This program helps people who are homeless get good nutritious meals. You could help
pack lunches on Friday night. For full details, see website.
American Red Cross
– 1111 Research Dr (419)329-2900
– The Red Cross is always looking for people to donate blood or to help them fundraise
– Mobile Meals
2200 Jefferson Ave 419-255-7806
– This is a program that helps the immobile get the necessary meals and food they need
without having to go out to the grocery store. Volunteers can help with office work,
decorate bags, or even help the kitchen staff.
Add in information about the youth commission and what falls under that
– What is the Toledo Youth Advisory Council?
– -The Toledo Youth Advisory Council, or Y.A.C., is a council dedicated to the Toledo
youth. Our main priority is making sure the youth voices of our city feel like they are
being heard and to help them make the changes they want to see happen. It is led and run
by youth that have creative ideas, wonderful insight on the young people, and are
passionate to see Toledo change for the better.
– What is YAC talk?
– -YAC talk would be when the Toledo Youth Advisory Council goes around to different
parts of Toledo and talks about what the council does. Then, they would ask questions
from the youth on what they would like to see changed, added, etc. These talks don’t
have to be specific meetings, they could simply be held in a park where young people go
to hang out or at a school. The goal of these talks would be to expand their horizons (go
all over Toledo so they aren’t answering the needs of just one part of Toledo) and gain
enough insight and requests from the youth that they can work with to change.
What falls under the youth commission
– Annual Teen Job Fair- City youth 16- 24 years old are provided exposure to local
companies and employers for opportunities of seasonal and permanent employment.
Through three months of training in partnership with library, job training programs and
educational systems, youth are given skills for job readiness, prior to the event. This is a
collaborative effort with local employers, County Commissioner, City Officials, and
other lead agencies. Over 300 youth are provided opportunities to work through the
Annual Teen Job Fair.
– City Summer Funfest- Use of community parks and local college students to provide
summer fun for neighborhood youth ages 5-15 years old. An educational curriculum
focused on health, education, safety, economic and human development is provided to
community students to share with youth and local youth servicing agencies. Youth
servicing agencies help to expose youth to different resources within the city.
– Youth Advisory Council- Youth ages 12- 24 work together with local officials, youth
servicing agencies and educational systems to address local issues that affect local youth.
The young people meet once a month to plan action for government shadow day
(exposing youth to government), community engagement exercises (building empathy
and awareness) and review of policies and regulations that govern youth for possible
education and reform.
– Teen Job Fair: The teen job fair has continued to improve each year with given our
youth an opportunity to gain employment. Originated from the idea of youth stating that
if they had opportunities to find employment they would be less likely to engage in
at-risk behaviors. Alisha Smith as Executive Director has included the component of
collecting valuable data that has been insightful in tracking the number of students who
gain employment because of attending the Teen Job Fair. The Youth Commission’s
growing and continued support from community partners such as the Toledo Public
Library and The Source have been valuable in this annual event. Moving forward I
would like to see more community partners get involved either through creating positions
for our youth to gain employment or through monetary donations to assist with The STEP
Program. (Summer Teen Employment Program)
– STEP Program: The Summer Teen Employment Program (S.T.E.P) is a summer
learning and work experience program that the City of Toledo’s department of Youth
Commission offered to teens between the ages of 13-15. Teens within this age group
attended the Teen Job Fair looking for employment, with this age group unable to work at
that time the STEP program provided an opportunity for this age group to volunteer at
local organization and receive stipends. The assistance of more community donations
can ultimately increase the number of youth within the program as well as assist with the
cost of staff that work with those youth.
– Healthy Relationships Conference: The healthy relationship conference which has
been put together by our City’s Youth Advisory Board and led by our Youth Advisory
Board, has given our city youth the opportunity to talk about issues that our young people
face in the their communities. Each year the conference has tackled serious topics that at
the time was having altering effects on our City’s youth. Some topics that have been
discussed have been abusive relationships. The conference has also discussed the issue of
bullying because of various incidents that had occurred in the City. Other topics
discussed were pregnancy prevention and self-esteem.
– Summer Fun Fest: Free summer programming for kids ages 5 to 15 Week days during
the summer from Noon until 4:00PM. Youth who attended took part in free educational
programs with games, prizes and painting.
Detroit Youth Deterrent Program
My Space , Your Space
Total Package Girl “Teen Girl Leadership Summit”
COT Training
Saturday Forum with Youth Regarding Police Interactions
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Intervention Plan
Healthy Relationship Conference
International Amnesty Conference
TMA Collaboration
Disney on Ice
Charles H. Wright Museum Visit

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